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Wissensorganisation, Topic Maps und Ontology Engineering: Die Verbindung bewährter Begriffsstrukturen mit aktueller XML-Technologie

Article, was published by Alexander Sigel at 2004-03-22

This article tries to combine a language for structuring knowledge organization with Topic Maps.

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How can concept structures be combined with Topic Maps? More generally: How can the field of Knowledge Organization contribute to the goal of providing a concept-based infrastructure on the Semantic Web? This question has not really been discussed in Knowledge Organization. Overall, the overlap between semantic knowledge technologies and issues in Knowledge Organization has been small, although concept structures, ontologies and Topic Maps in principle fit well together. It is expected that their joint consideration will provide insights into core issues in Knowledge Organization, like for example semantic interoperability or semantic retrieval. Therefore, this contribution motivates and sketches the basic idea that it should be possible to adequatly combine a language for the expression of concept structures in Knowledge Organization with Topic Maps. However, a detailed investigation and implementation remain to be done. In particular it is assumed that it is favourable to integrate the Concept Language Formalism (CLF) on which Concepto is based with Topic Maps. This would open the way to concept and topic knowledge networks based on explicit concept systems.


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