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  • http://www.topicmapslab.de/publications/visual_browsing_and_editing_of_topic_map-based_learning_reprositories

Visual Browsing and Editing of Topic Map-Based Learning Repositories

Book Chapter, was published by Boriana Ditcheva and Darina Dicheva at 2007-09-04

This paper dicusses visual interfaces for the use in the context of E-learning-Systems.

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Topic Maps For e-Learning (TM4L) is an environment for building, maintaining, and using standards-based, ontology-aware e-learning repositories. This paper discusses the intuitive, visual interface of the system in the context of TM4L evolution. The focus is on our work on extending TM4L with visual editing functionality. The integration of the editing and visualization supports authoring by providing browsing and editing “in one view.”


Boriana Ditcheva

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Boriana is author of Translation between RDF and.. and Visual Browsing and Editing.. .

Darina Dicheva

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Darina is involved in TM4L - Topic Maps 4.. .

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