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Use of the Wii Remote for Interaction in a Topic Map-Based Learning Web Site

Poster, veröffentlicht von Shu Matsuura am 30.09.2010

This work tries to introduce Nintendo Wii Remote for the interactions with the computer.

Topic Maps is expected to be a fundamental for the future web system that will be embedded in the daily life environment. In the future web environment, more of the digital resource will be provided directly in the location of real nature or historical area. Also, stereoscopic presentation of information will be more popular to navigate multi-domain systems. This work tries to introduce a popular game console, Nintendo Wii Remote, which is easy and intuitive to use for the interactions with the computer in the above environment. The Wii Remote navigations were implemented for a constellation observation system, a stereoscopic molecular dynamics, and the stereoscopic Google Earth.




Shu Matsuura

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Shu ist beteiligt an Everyday Physics on Web.

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