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Towards holistic knowledge creation and interchange: Examples, theory and strategy

Paper, was published by Dino Karabeg and Roy Lachica at 2007-10-10

This paper outlines a theoretical basis for structured knowledge organization.

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Meta-information development, and more generally the creation and organization of knowledge and insights within and across communities and disciplines, will not be the result of simple automation of current practices, but of systematic re-design involving technology, theory and practice. WiKeyPoDia.org here serves both as prototype example and as symbol of this approach, showing how familiar Web 2.0 techniques can be applied to grow information in a new, ‘vertical’ direction, namely towards structure and insight rather than volume. A theoretical basis that supports this approach is outlined, as well as examples of application in several areas including education, academic communication and democratic decision making. Our results allow us to make progress towards our projected Holoscopia platform for holistic knowledge creation and interchange.


Roy Lachica

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Roy is project leader of Fuzzzy.com - Web science.. . He is author of Quality, Relevance and.. , Towards holistic knowledge.. , and Metadata Creation in.. .

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