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Topic Maps: Introduction and Allegro

Paper, was published by Steve Pepper and Hans Holger Rath at 1999-12-09

The main focus of the paper is the introduction of topic map templates.

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The new ISO standard ISO/IEC 13250 Topic Maps defines a model and architecture for the
semantic structuring of link networks. Dubbed the “GPS of the information universe”, topic maps will become the solution for organizing and navigating large and continuously growing information pools, and provide a “bridge” between the domains of knowledge representation and information management.

This paper is divided into two parts: The first part, “Introduction”, describes the roots,
concepts, and possible applications of the topic map standard. The second part, “Allegro”,
presents several technical issues which are of great interest when applying topic maps to
real world applications. The main focus of the paper is the introduction of “topic map
templates” – a semi-official term coined by the standards’ committee for a concept that the
authors argue is a necessary but as yet unstandardized addition to the basic model.


Hans Holger Rath

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Topic Maps offered the semantic flexibility that I needed in Topincs, an application with an unlimited domain. It allowed me to make statements about any subjects. Exactly what I was looking for.

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