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Topic Maps Constraint Language -- Final Draft 2009

Technical Report, was published by Graham Moore and Dmitry Bogachev at 2009-10-19

This International Standard defines a Topic Maps vocabulary for representing constraints on Topic Maps ontologies.

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TMCL is a constraint language for Topic Maps, allowing definitions of Topic Maps ontologies and vocabularies to be written in a precise and machine-readable form. This makes it possible to validate a topic map against a TMCL schema to see if it conforms to the constraints in the schema, and also enables a number of other uses, such as schema-driven editors, object mappings, and so on.

TMCL is defined as a Topic Maps vocabulary consisting of a number topic, association, occurrence, and role types, identified by Published Subject Identifiers (PSIs), and defined using English prose. TMCL defines the concept of validation, by which a given topic map is valid according to a schema if it conforms to all the constraints in that schema and a number of additional constraints which apply to all topic maps independent of schema.

TMCL does not have any syntax of its own, since it is defined simply as a Topic Maps vocabulary. However, a number of CTM templates are defined in this standard in order to facilitate authoring of TMCL schemas using CTM.



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TMCL is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Constraint Language.


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