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Topic Maps as key enabler for common archive functionality across a range of IT-systems

Presentation, was published by Axel Borge and Ida Heggedal at 2010-04-15

This presentation is about Topic Maps as a central approach to complete large amounts of metadata.

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The private energy company Hafslund has conducted a Proof Of Concept to ensure business-critical information across the enterprise. Support for business processes are well developed in Hafslund trough a large number of specialized systems. The challenge is to harvest all relevant records, and re-expose them.Norwegian archive standard (NOARK) is used to structure the archive, but how can the individual system complete all the required metadata? Master Data management in a Topic Map is a key enabler for this functionality. Learn how Topic Maps can be exploited both to automatically complement lack of metadata, and as common hooks to expose the information back to the other systems. The technology used is Microsoft SharePoint 2010, FAST search engine and NetworkedPlanet’s TMCore Topic Maps engine.


Axel Borge

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Axel is author of Integrating SAP and.. , Topic Maps as key enabler.. , Using Topic Maps and.. , and Topic Maps as key enabler.. .

Ida Heggedal

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Ida is author of Topic Maps as key enabler.. .

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