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Topic Maps and OWL

Forum Contribution, was published by Steven R. Newcomb, Jack Park, Peter Yim, and Michael Daconta at 2004-01-02

This thread is about some issues of Topic Maps and OWL.

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This looks like a discussion a lot of us will benefit from.

Both Topic Maps and OWL became “front runners” for good reasons. While there may be applications where both may be (almost equally) suitable, each of these approaches would be better suited for certain applications.

What are those reasons (for their adoption so far)?

What are the applications (best suited to each)?

Where are the areas where they are pitched against one another (as well as other approaches)?

Could those of you who are spending time on these issues throw some light on the matter, please.


Steven R. Newcomb



Steven R. is project leader of Versavant.

Jack Park

No contact information available. 



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Topic Maps is an excellent paradigm to support human thinking and to visualize networked information. As part of my PhD project, I therefore chose Topic Maps as the conceptual foundation for designing and implementing a software prototype for semantic knowledge retrieval.

Stefan Smolnik
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