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Topic Map Constraint Language

Paper, was published by Graham Moore, Mary Nishikawa, and Dmitry Bogachev at 2004-10-16

This paper describes the Topic Map Constraint Language in its status in 2004.

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TMCL is designed to allow users to constrain any aspect of the topic map data model. TMCL adopts TMQL as a means to express both the topic map constructs to be constrained and topic map structures that must exist in order for the constraint to be met. TMCL defines TMCL-Schema and TMCL-Rule. TMCL-Schema provides a type based model of constraints. TMCL-Schema is defined in terms of a more abstract model TMCL-Model. TMCL-Rule provides a generlised model of constraint based on TMQL. For each langauge a model, semantics and syntax are defined.

Both TMCL-Rule\Schema define sets of constraints. In general these constraints consist of terms that identify parts of the Topic Map to be constrained and terms that define the predicate or truth that must hold for the Topic Map to be considered to be consistent.



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TMCL is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Constraint Language.


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