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Topic Maps Graph Visualization & Suggested GTM

Article, was published by Jelle Pelfrene and Rani Pinchuk at 2010-09-30

This paper introduces a new approach to GTM (Graphical Topic Maps notation).

The goal of this work is to generate graphical representations that visually present knowledge kept in a topic map, in a way that is best grasped by users. The paper first describes an idea of providing a contextually relevant excerpt of the topic map as a graph. Then the graphical notation for representing these excerpts is discussed.


Jelle Pelfrene

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Jelle is author of Topic Maps Graph.. .

Rani Pinchuk

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Rani is involved in LINDO, DIADEM, ULISSE, TopiEngi, and SATOPI.

Presented at

TMRA 2010

Conference in Leipzig from {{start}} to {{end}}


With Linked Topic Maps the motto of the TMRA 2009 conference was about spinning a global web of interchangeable and linkable topic maps. Linked …

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The acronym GTM stands for Graphical Topic Maps notation. GTM is a graphical notation used to define ontologies (level 1) and represent Topic Maps instance data (level 0).


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Topic Maps is the only formal semantic model which is optimized for humans, not for computers. Applications and web portals based on Topic Maps are easy to use, without limitations for flexibility and creativity.

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