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A TMDM Disclosure Using T+

Book Chapter, was published by Robert Barta and Lars Heuer at 2006-02-15

This work tries to map TMDM instances into TMRM.

External Links: download paper and download slides

Both the more pragmatic Topic Map data model (TMDM) and the more fundamental Topic Map Reference Model (TMRM), have reached now a certain degree of maturity. Unfortunately, the development of these models did not occur in lockstep as they address very different needs and communities. This work tries to be the missing link by faithfully mapping TMDM instances into TMRM. For this purpose we formally introduce a refinement of the existing T model by adapting it to the latest TMRM version and by extending it to cover TMRM disclosures.


Robert Barta

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Robert is project leader of Perl XTM Engine (superseeded.. and Perl TM.

Lars Heuer

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Presented at

TMRA 2005

Conference in Leipzig from {{start}} to {{end}}


TMRA’05 – International Workshop on Topic Map Research and Applications – provides a forum for community building in the field of Topic Map research …

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TMDM is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Data Model. You will find a compact illustration of all relationships within the TMDM


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TMRM is the abbreviation for Topic Maps Reference Model.


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