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Blog Post, was published by Lars Marius Garshol at 2005-12-03

The design of TM/XML, first heard of at TMRA'05, has now at long last been finalized.

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The design of TM/XML, first heard of at TMRA’05, has now at long last been finalized, and the paper about it sent off to the publishers. I figured this was a good time to spread the word a little more, so here is a short introduction to TM/XML.

The best way to think of TM/XML is as a kind of LTM-in-XML, in the sense that like LTM is more human-friendly than XTM, and also like LTM it is not in any way standardized. It’s just a proposal, to be implemented in Ontopia software, which anyone else can implement if they want to.

The reason it was developed was that we are creating a web service interface to the OKS, and the idea is that this will be used by clients which do not use Topic Maps software to access the TM server. There is no problem with that, except that these clients are not likely to be very happy about having to send and receive XTM, since XTM requires you to understand Topic Maps, and is pretty difficult to process with XSLT.


Lars Marius Garshol

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Lars Marius is project leader of TM Photo, Topic Maps Tools, and duke - fast deduplication.. .


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