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Thoughts on a Topic Mappish LAMP Stack

Paper, by Johannes Schmidt

This paper outlines requirements and a possible impact of a Topic Mappish LAMP stack.

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In this paper requirements and a possible impact of a Topic Mappish LAMP stack are outlined. Today, the LAMP stack underlays numerous leightweight CMS and blogging systems which forming the Blogosphere constitute a significant area of the WWW. However, penetration with Topic Maps technology is minor in this context. An asymmetry between the topology of the Topic Maps engine landscape and the topology of the web regarding popular software setups like LAMP is detected. Therefore push effects can hardly be realized pervasively. A subjectcentric view on and access to content in leightweight CMS e.g. allows the establishment of more reliable semantics in content syndication processes. The resulting benefits for content producers and consumers enable the realization of pull effects. An overall vision regarding global integration and federation is finally essayed.


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Nowadays Topic Maps appears to be very suitable for being applied in Libraries, Archives and Museums. It provides a suitable model and mechanisms for depth indexing, classification and the implementation of FRBR, CIDOC-CRM or other conceptualizations.

Liliana Melgar
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