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Introduction, was published by Graham Moore at 2010-04-15

This talk presents the basic concepts of Subj3ct.com in a non technical way.

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Subj3ct.com was first announced at Topic Maps 2009, since then it has grown to contain over 16million subject identifiers and related resources. Organisations are just beginning to see the value of using this repository of identifiers to share and aggregate semantic data. This talk presents the basic concepts of Subj3ct.com in a non technical way. It then discusses several different usage scenarios that are being adopted as a way to better share and find information on the web.

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Topic Maps 2010 "Linked Topic Maps"

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Call for presentations Join us for two days of tutorials, case studies and technical discussions. Learn about how the ISO Topic Maps standard …

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Subj3ct is an infrastructure technology for Web 3.0 applications. These are applications that are organised around subjects and semantics rather ...

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