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Seriously Capable Topic Maps

Paper, was published by Ann Wrightson at 2001-07-23

This paper gives a brief tour around the essential aspects of Topic Maps.

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Topic Maps are an emerging technology – and like most emerging technologies, it is difficult at this stage to foresee which applications of Topic Maps will emerge as the “classics” of the technology. However, one thing is very clear: although most of the initial motivation, and the very early examples, came from publishing (encyclopaedias, conference proceedings, content-centred websites), the most valuable benefits will come from Topic Maps which are organizing corporate knowledge into more accessible, usable, integrated forms. This implies that these Topic Maps will be “seriously capable”, i.e.:

  • High capacity, high-performance, robust and dependable
  • Capable of integrating a wide range of existing corporate information resources, for navigation by humans, and for use and reuse by a range of enterprise applications
  • Enabling “Webspeed” adaptability in the configuration and application of information and knowledge resources, and so providing the configurable “business logic” behind truly responsive e-business.

So what does it take to have seriously capable Topic Maps? – there are several aspects, and this whitepaper gives you a brief tour around the essentials.


Ann Wrightson

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Topic Maps offers an information architecture for semantic portals with
highly networked content and access paths in support of the associative
human mind. It is our technology of choice for knowledge oriented
application systems.

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