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RDF/XTM Ontology Construction Based on a Topic Maps-Driven Framework

Paper, was published by Ing-Xiang Chen, Cheng-Zen Yang, Chun-Hua Chou, and Meng-Chia Yang at 2006-11-15

This paper proposes a Topic Maps-driven Framework to generate both RDF/XTM ontologies.

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Ontology construction plays an important role in many semantically working environments, such as knowledge management systems and digital libraries. The efficiency, quality, and comprehensiveness of the construction process highly depends on the employed development framework. In this paper, we propose a Topic Maps-driven framework, called XRVAT, to alleviate the cumbersome construction procedure and generate both RDF/XTM ontologies with an effective XTM-to-RDF translation kernel. This paper briefly presents its design and an operational example.


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