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RDF and Topic Maps Interoperability in Practice

Paper, was published by Lars Marius Garshol and Motomu Naito at 2004-08-31

This paper will show a practical approach to interoperability between RDF and Topic Maps.

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This demo will show a practical approach to interoperability between RDF and Topic Maps, based on the RTM vocabulary for mapping RDF data to Topic Maps. The demo will use the freely downloadable (registration required) Omnigator topic map browser. We will take an RDF file containing RDF data in the FOAF vocabulary and show how this can be converted to a topic map, then browse the topic map to see how it is structured, and finally convert it back to RDF. We will also allow users to bring their own RDF data, which we will attempt to convert to topic maps using the same approach.


Lars Marius Garshol

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Lars Marius is project leader of TM Photo, Topic Maps Tools, and duke - fast deduplication.. .



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Ontopia is a complete set of open source tools for building, maintaining, and deploying Topic Maps-based applications.

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TMAPI.Net is a collection of programming interfaces to access data hold in a topic map based on TMAPI 2.0 (http://www.tmapi.org).

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Topic Maps offered the semantic flexibility that I needed in Topincs, an application with an unlimited domain. It allowed me to make statements about any subjects. Exactly what I was looking for.

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