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Proposal for a streaming Topic Maps API

Blog Post, was published by Lars Heuer at 2008-04-08

This is a proposal for a streaming Topic Maps API.

External Link: more information

The current implementation is very liberal and flexible. I.e. it is allowed to call “startAssociation” while you’re in the Topic-state. So, you can define an association while you’re processing a topic. After the “endAssociation” event you switch back to the Topic-state.

This is very useful if you parse a Topic Maps syntax like AsTMa=, CTM, or Snello. These syntaxes allow, for example, associations within topic blocks.

If the streaming API subpackage is approved we can think about a more restrictive model.


Lars Heuer

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Topic Maps offered the semantic flexibility that I needed in Topincs, an application with an unlimited domain. It allowed me to make statements about any subjects. Exactly what I was looking for.

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