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The Praxis of Social Knowledge Federation

Paper, was published by Arnim Bleier, Patrick Jähnichen, Uta Schulze, and Lutz Maicher at 2011-12-31

knowledge federation, Topic Maps, crowdsourcing, distributed content creation, virtual merging, internet sociology

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There are currently two streams that dominate the research on knowledge federation: The one is the trend towards Linked Data, leading to ne-grained structuring of information that is machine readable; The other is the reuse and co-creation of information that spreads the burden of its creation to the public and enables the availability of large knowledge corpora. In this contribution we outline the design principles and architecture of a prototype platform harnessing the praxis of user behavior to tackle issues of signal noise ratio as well as corrupting bits of information slashing the machine readability of such distributed generated contend.



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