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Metadata Creation in Socio-semantic Tagging Systems: Towards Holistic Knowledge Creation and Interchange

Paper, was published by Dino Karabeg and Roy Lachica at 2008-08-15

This paper discusses several social and cognitive aspects of the Topic Maps technology.

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Fuzzzy.com, a social bookmarking website has been developed to study collaborative creation of semantics. In a shared online space, users of Fuzzzy continuously create metadata bottom-up by categorizing (tagging) favourite hyperlinks (bookmarks). The semantic network of tags created by users evolves into a people’s fuzzy common ontology (“folktology”). We discuss several social and cognitive aspects of Topic Maps technology and scalability by analyzing the use of the system. We further argue that holistic knowledge creation and interchange is highly needed. Our results from Fuzzzy suggest that this can be realized by connecting distributed knowledge centric communities of dedicated users within specific domains.


Roy Lachica

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Roy is project leader of Fuzzzy.com - Web science.. . He is author of Quality, Relevance and.. , Towards holistic knowledge.. , and Metadata Creation in.. .

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