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A Merging Java Topic Maps Engine

Presentation, was published by Sven Krosse at 2010-09-30

This presentation is about the new generation Topic Maps engine MaJorToM.

The MaJorToM project was founded with the goal of implementing a light-weight, merging and flexible Topic Maps engine satisfying the different business use cases. Current Topic Maps engines cannot satisfy the whole spectrum of requirements, like a listening of information streams or the guarantee of a complete chain of evidence. To realize that MaJorToM provide an extended interface to access the additional features and information resources stored by the underlying Topic Maps store. The interface definition based on the Topic Maps API (TMAPI) version 2.0.2 to enable a downward compatibility to all applications based on it and minimize the migration step.

Presented at

TMRA 2010

Conference in Leipzig from {{start}} to {{end}}


With Linked Topic Maps the motto of the TMRA 2009 conference was about spinning a global web of interchangeable and linkable topic maps. Linked …

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is a {{project}}.


MaJorToM is more than just a Topic Maps engine, it's a kind of philosophy of designing an independent Topic Maps engine. The MaJorToM API extends ...

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Resellers can give their customers the opportunity to apply Web 3.0 technology to their web sites with topics maps-based searching, which is more suitable for single sites than Google-style navigation.

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