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Making Topic Maps operational

Paper, was published by Hans Holger Rath at 2001-08-12

This paper is about Topic Maps as a new ‘data base’ approach for knowledge bases and knowledge representation.

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The Topic Map paradigm can be viewed as a new ‘data base’ approach for knowledge bases and the representation of knowledge structures. Relational databases use the query language SQL as a standardized interface between applications that implement the business logic and the database containing the relational data. The Topic Map community has expressed a need for a comparable query language for topic maps. So in May 2001 ISO JTC1 SC34 officially started a new standards initiative, TMQL (Topic Map Query Language). Why TMQL? What are the initiative’s stated requirements? What is the current standarization status? What are the use cases and application scenarios?


Hans Holger Rath

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Nowadays Topic Maps appears to be very suitable for being applied in Libraries, Archives and Museums. It provides a suitable model and mechanisms for depth indexing, classification and the implementation of FRBR, CIDOC-CRM or other conceptualizations.

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