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ISO/IEC FCD 13250:1999 - Topic Maps

Technical Report, was published by Michel Biezunski, Steven R. Newcomb, and Martin Bryan at 1999-04-19

This document defines the standard notation for Topic Maps.

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This International Standard provides a standardized notation for interchangeably representing information about the structure of information resources used to define topics, and the relationships between topics. A set of one or more interrelated documents that employs the notation defined by this International Standard is called a “topic map”.

Note: This is not the final document!


Steven R. Newcomb



Steven R. is project leader of Versavant.

Martin Bryan

No contact information available. 


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The idea of Topic Maps is essential to enable dynamic information logistic. This requires a system that understands the context of the user to provide relevant informations and options automatically. Therefore semantic analysis is needed organizing content in a dynamic net structure.

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