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Introduction to the Topic Maps Paradigm

Book Chapter, by Michel Biezunski

This chapter gives an introduction to the Topic Maps Paradigm.

The World Wide Web enables us to create virtually unlimited quatities of information and to make it immediately available to the world. We do not suffer from lack of information availability, but we do have a ahrd time trying to locate the information we really need. Finding aids are therefore becoming highly desirable. Topic Maps provide a standard approach to creating and interchanging finding aids.


Biezunski, M.: Introduction to the Topic Maps Paradigm. In: Park, J; Hunting, S. (Ed.): XML Topic Maps. Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web. Addison-Wesley: (2003).


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Topic Maps helped us not only to overcome the difficulties with information organization, but they also opened us a way for presenting the content in a structured and easy navigable way.

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