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Introducing Reasoning into an Industrial Knowledge Management Tool

Paper, was published by Michel Leclère, Olivier Carloni, and Marie-Laure Mugnier at 2007-12-22

This paper is concerned about ITM, a knowledge representation language based on Topic Maps.

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This paper is devoted to an industrial case study focused on the issue of how to enhance an existing knowledge management tool (ITM) with reasoning capabilities, by introducing a semantic query mechanism as well as validation and inference services. ITM knowledge representation language is based on topic maps. We show that these topic maps (and especially those describing the domain ontology and annotation base) can be naturally mapped to the SG family, a sublanguage of conceptual graphs. This mapping equips ITM with a reasoning service. We finally present a media monitoring system benefiting from this transformation and combining ITM with the conceptual graph engine CoGITaNT.


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