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close subject identifiers for Identified Subjects Networking
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Identified Subjects Networking

Presentation, was published by Motomu Naito at 2010-01-22

This presentation is about a case example of collaboration between Topic Maps Web applications based on PSI.

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In order to identify subject, Subject Identifier can be assigned to topic in Topic Maps. As subject identifier, unique IRI (Internationalized Resource Identifier) can be assigned to each subject. It can be published on the web then it is called PSI (Published Subject Identifier).

In this presentation, the first, some case example of collaboration between Topic Maps Web applications based on PSI is reported and the components which enable the collaboration are given. The second, several activities including the activities in The Center for Integrated Area Studies (CIAS) to make topic maps are introduced. Those activities are to make topic maps for NDLSH, BSH, LCSH, geographical dictionary, etc. By opening topics as PSI, those can play the role of common subject or common vocabulary. Those can also increase the chance of collaboration between topic maps or topics. Finally, “Identified Subjects Networking” is proposed. In it semi-closed and specialized and quality guaranteed topic maps including topics in them can couple loosely.


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