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A Framework of NLP Based Information Tracking and Related Knowledge Organizing with Topic Maps

Paper, was published by Frédéric Andrès, Asanee Kawtrakul, and Chaiyakorn Yingsaeree at 2007-08-15

This paper presents a framework to integrate and organize data/information resources.

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This paper presents a computational framework for information extraction and aggregation which aims to integrate and organize the data/information resources that spread throughout the Internet in the manner that makes them useful for tracking events such as natural disaster, and disease dispersion. We introduce a simple statistical information extraction technique for summarizing the document into a predefined structure. We apply the topic maps approach as a semantic layer in aggregating and organizing the extracted information for smart access. In addition, this paper also carries out a case study on disease dispersion domain using the proposed framework.

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Topic Maps helped us not only to overcome the difficulties with information organization, but they also opened us a way for presenting the content in a structured and easy navigable way.

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