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  • http://www.topicmapslab.de/publications/distribution_of_workflow_process_knowledge_in_organizations
  • http://www.topicmapslab.de/publications/distribution_of_workflow_process_knowledge_in_organisations

Distribution of Workflow Process Knowledge in Organisations

Paper, was published by Stefan Smolnik, Ludwig Nastansky, and Carsten Huth at 2001-06-26

This paper aims to identify and to distribute process knowledge gained from structured workflow management.

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The growing flood of available knowledge requires powerful concepts and mechanisms to support users, who search for relevant information and knowledge objects. The increasing integration of groupware-based office systems in the internal business processes of companies also leads to growing information memories. With our paper, we want to show a framework for the effective synergy of knowledge management and workflow management using groupware-based paradigms and technologies. The main idea of our approach is to identify and to distribute process knowledge throughout the organization gained from structured workflow management and from ad hoc workflow management.


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