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Converting a Corpus into a Hypertext: An Approach Using XML Topic Maps and XSLT

Paper, was published by Eva Anna Lenz at 2002-05-29

This paper focusses on a declarative rule language to express conversion strategies.

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In the context of the HyTex project, our goal is to convert a corpus into a hypertext, basing conversion strategies on annotations which explicitly mark up the text-grammatical structures and relations between text segments. Domain-specific knowledge is represented in the form of a knowledge net, using topic maps. We use XML as an interchange format. In this paper, we focus on a declarative rule language designed to express conversion strategies in terms of text-grammatical structures and hypertext results. The strategies can be formulated in a concise formal syntax which is independent of the markup, and which can be transformed automatically into executable program code.


Lenz, E. A. / Storrer, A. (2002): Converting a Corpus into a hypertext: An approach using XML topic maps and XSLT. In: Gonzáles Rodríguez, M. / Suarez Araujo, C. P. (eds.): Third International conference on language resources and evaluation – LREC-2002. Vol. II. ELRA – European Language Ressources Association, pp. 432-436.


Eva Anna Lenz

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Eva Anna is author of Hypertextualisierung mit.. , Von der Erstellung bis zur.. , and Converting a Corpus into a.. .


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