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Conditor: Topic Maps and DITA labelling tool for textual documents with historical information

Paper, by Jesús Tramullas

This paper is about Conditor, a software tool for textual documents.

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Conditor is a software tool which works with textual documents containing historical information. The purpose of this work two-fold: firstly to show the validity of the developed engine to correctly identify and label the entities of the universe of discourse with a labelled-combined XTM-DITA model. Secondly to explain the improvements achieved in the information retrieval process thanks to the use of an object-oriented database (JPOX) as well as its integration into the Lucene-type database search process to not only accomplish more accurate searches, but to also help the future development of a recommender system. We finish with a brief demo in a 3D-graph of the results of the aforementioned search.


Jesús Tramullas

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Jesús is author of Constructing Web subject.. , Conditor: Topic Maps and.. , Free Traceability Management.. , and Topic Maps: an alternative.. .


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