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Comparing Topic Maps Constraint Specification Languages

Book Chapter, was published by José Carlos Ramalho, Giovani Rubert Librelotto, Pedro Rangel Henriques, and Renato Preigschadt de Azevedo at 2008-08-15

This article shows the way to handle several kinds of Topic Maps constraints.

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Topic Map Constraint Language (TMCL) provides a means to express constraints on topic maps conforming to ISO/IEC 13250. In this article, we will use a test suite and show, step-by-step, the way we handled several kinds of Topic Maps constraints in many different instances in order to answer questions like: Do they do the same job? Are there some kinds of Topic Maps constraints that are easier to specify with one of them? Do you need different background to use the tools? Is it possible to use them in similar situations (the same topic maps instances)? May we use them to produce an equal result? How do AsTMa!, OSL, Toma, and XTche relate to Topic Maps Constraint Language (TMCL)? What kind of constraints each one of these three can not specify? We will conclude this paper with a summary of the comparisons accomplished between those Topic Maps constraint languages over the use case proposed.


Renato Preigschadt de Azevedo

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