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AsTMa= Language Issues

Technical Report, was published by Robert Barta at 2003-04-23

This report deals with some issues with the AsTMa= Language.

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AsTMa= has been specified as a shorthand notation for Topic Map data. It was not meant as a substitute for XTM, the only official notation, as it only implements a particular subset of the concepts. Still, AsTMa= has proven useful over the years as quite a few maps have been created with. Most of these experiences flowed back into the language design.

In the following we pick up some issues with language itself; they might be simply a rationale why particular features are implemented they way they are, or a justification why specific Topic Map construct where not respected at all.


Robert Barta

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Robert is project leader of Perl XTM Engine (superseeded.. and Perl TM.


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I like the easy but powerful way of merging Topic Maps to extend and combine existing knowledge bases. Thus I see high potential in distributed environments where peer to peer solutions may open the gates to the real Web 3.0.

Marcel Hoyer
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