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ARCast - Applied Topic Maps

Webcast, was published by Kal Ahmed at 2005-12-29

This is an interview with Kal Ahmed about topic maps applications.

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Topic Maps describe a way in which complex relationships between abstract concepts and real-world resources can be described and interchanged using a standard XML syntax. If that sounds like something you don’t need to know about… think again. In this episode Ron gets down to practical applications of topic maps with Kal Ahmed as discussed in Kal’s article Applied Topic Maps in Microsoft Architecture Journal 6.

Kal Ahmed

Running Time: 30 minutes, 35 seconds


Kal Ahmed

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Kal is project leader of TM4J TopicMap Engine, TM4Web, and TMTab.


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Topic Maps provides a proven means for data integration scaling to the
web, as well as a core technology for our highly flexible applications
with largely autogenerated frontend structures.

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