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A Topic Map of Proceedings of the HyTime International Conference 1996

Paper, was published by Michel Biezunski and Catherine Hamon at 1996-08-21

This paper questions why Topic Maps fit Conference Proceedings.

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Why does a Topic Map fit Conference Proceedings?

The purpose of a Topic Map-based hyperdocument is to interconnect semantically heterogeneous information. Conference Proceedings seemed to us to be a good sample of a type of hyperdocument that is adapted to a Topic Map.

A Topic Map allows readers to navigate following topics that can appear in multiple documents. Rather than just being a simple term, a topic is a link that contains a title and is pointing to places in the documents where there are occurrences of this topic. These places, otherwise called anchors, can be grouped following various roles they play, and the anchor roles orient the navigation (e.g., definition, mention, example, etc.).

A Topic Map is functionnally equivalent to multi-document indexes, glossaries, and thesauri. Topics are organized in types, each instance of a topic type has a title, and each occurrence of a given topic in a document is described including the semantics of the anchor role.


Catherine Hamon

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