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Topic Maps for syndication of semantic descriptions in eGovernment

Presentation, was published by Graham Moore and Peter Brown at 2009-03-19

Protocol/Service for using Topic Maps, ATOM, and topic map fragments.

There is activity to define a generic protocol/service for using Topic Maps, ATOM, and topic map fragments to syndicate ontologies, controlled vocabularies and semantic descriptions in the area of eGovernment. The eGov-Share standard / protocol is being considered for use by many govts departments in Europe.

The main protocol is using ATOM to syndicate topic map fragments. The protocol describes how fragments are generated and how a client updates its local map with the contents of the fragment.


Peter Brown

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Peter is author of Topic Maps for syndication.. and Putting it all in context:.. . He was keynote speaker on Topic Maps Norway 2009.

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Topic Maps Norway 2009

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This will be the seventh Topic Maps conference in Oslo since 2002, and the conference profile is a bit different from last years international …

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