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CouchDB and Topic Maps

Poster, veröffentlicht von Hans-Henning Koch am 13.11.2009

The poster shows possible increases in performance and scalability of TM by using CouchDB.

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CouchDB is a document-oriented database management system. In contrast to relational databases, there is no need for a schema and the data is stored in documents consisting of key-value pairs. That model is very well corresponding to the nature of topic maps. Topic map constructs are represented as documents, views are used to retain constructs from the database and check for merging candidates. CouchDB’s features possibly contribute to scalability and performance.


Hans-Henning Koch



Hans-Henning ist Projektleiter von CouchTM. Er ist Autor von CouchDB and Topic Maps und CouchTM - Eine.. .

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TMRA 2009

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Call for Contributions TMRA 2009 will be the fifth event in the annual series of international conferences on Topic Maps Research and …

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CouchTM is a TMAPI topic maps engine which uses the CouchDB as backend. CouchTM can be used like any other Java based topic maps engine. ...

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