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Federation of Police Intelligence Information

Talk, was published by Peter-Paul Kruijsen and Gabriel Hopmans at 2011-01-24

We explain in detail the lessons learned in this project and demonstrate its results.

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TopicView, used by the Dutch police, federates multiple existing data sources in one tool, provides a way to merge systems in a non-intrusive way and at the same time allows building rich information structures. It solves the problem policemen faced of trying to access needed information over distributed data resources. This has made a beneficial shift from an application landscape to an information landscape. We explain in detail the lessons learned in this project and demonstrate its results.


Peter-Paul Kruijsen

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Peter-Paul is involved in Ontopia and TopicView. He is author of Topic Maps for European.. and Federation of Police.. .

Gabriel Hopmans

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Gabriel is project leader of TopicView.

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Practical Semantics - Seminar in Leipzig

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is a {{project}}.


A information management system based on Topic Maps, implemented by Morpheus Kennistechnologie for the police of Amsterdam Amstelland.

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