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Topic Maps to Topic Maps converter

Project category: Utilities and Components
Project status: Productive


The converter is a service which translates different Topic Maps syntaxes to XTM 2.1, CTM 1.0 and JTM 1.0.

Supported input formats are:

  • JSON Topic Maps (JTM) 1.0
  • Linear Topic Maps (LTM) 1.3
  • XML Topic Maps 1.0, 2.0, 2.1
  • TM/XML Topic Maps 1.0, 1.1

Like the RDF to Topic Maps service, this web service uses the Topic Maps syntax readers of the MIO project and translates the events directly into the output format.

The example URL below converts the Tom Waits topic map from LTM to CTM.

Furthermore, the website provides a simple form to submit maps for conversion.

Project Leader

Lars Heuer

No contact information available. 



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Topic Maps provides a proven means for data integration scaling to the
web, as well as a core technology for our highly flexible applications
with largely autogenerated frontend structures.

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