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Project category: Knowledge Management System
Project status: Productive


NotesMappr is semantic note taking – note taking that fits your brain.

NotesMappr is a semantic note taking app. NotesMappr’s contextual note taking features enable the effective transmission and transformation of knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

NotesMappr is unique in that it provides you with the ability to establish meaningful relationships between your notes. Hence, NotesMappr’s distinguishing feature is the ability to both establish formal relationships (or associations) between notes and subsequently navigate said notes in a very straightforward manner.

Furthermore, When you type “WikiWords” (words with multiple capital letters) in the body of a note, NotesMappr automatically turns said WikiWords into links to other notes – just tap a link to create the new note. The WikiWords feature is an additional way to create and manage notes within their context.

Obviously, a set of notes, in and of itself is a valuable thing. However, said set of notes becomes much more valuable if the notes themselves are related in an appropriate manner.

Having context gives you a lot of benefits. For example, context enables both easy and quick discovery of information saving you time. Furthermore, context enables you to expand your knowledge without the risk of your knowledge becoming disjointed or fragmented.

Please keep in mind that NotesMappr’s specific purpose is the semantic organization of notes. If you have no need or desire to organize your notes in a contextual manner, then it is highly unlikely that NotesMappr will be appropriate for your needs. That is, if all you want in terms of organizing your notes is either a simple list or folder structure, then NotesMappr’s semantic features will introduce a level of unwanted complexity.

Project Leader

Brett Alistair Kromkamp

No contact information available. 


Brett Alistair is project leader of RIATopics, JCrystalMind, and Notesmappr.


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