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BioRegio STERN-Navigator

Project category: Topic Maps driven web application
Project status: Productive


The web based application “BioRegio STERN-Navigator” improves access to information about companies and institutes of the biotech and medtech cluster BioRegio STERN located around Stuttgart, Germany.

Subject-centric information is provided in tables and individual pages. All tables provide controls for filtering and sorting records, as well as for showing or hiding columns. Structured navigation is supplemented by a semantic search offering additional access paths to networked content.

The application is implemented by Nexxor based on their topicWorks framework.


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Topic Maps is the only formal semantic model which is optimized for humans, not for computers. Applications and web portals based on Topic Maps are easy to use, without limitations for flexibility and creativity.

Benjamin Bock
Ruby Topic Maps
Topic Maps Lab auf der Cebit 2011

Graduate from the Topic Maps Lab