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Perl XTM Engine (superseeded by PerlTM)

Project category: Topic Maps Engine


Perl XTM Engine is superseeded by PerlTM !

perl-tm isa cpan-package

http://search.cpan.org/dist/TM/ ! Perl TM ! @ cpan: TM written-in perl, which isa programming-language, implements-technology tmdm, standard: http://www.isotopicmaps.org/sam/sam-model/ , implements-technology tmrm implements-technology virtual-topic-maps implements-technology tmql, which isa query-language and transformation-language , supports-format topic-maps-XTM supports-format topic-maps-CTM supports-format topic-maps-LTM supports-format topic-maps-AsTMa tutorial: http://kill.devc.at/node/188 tutorial: http://kill.devc.at/node/182 tutorial: http://kill.devc.at/node/181 tutorial: http://kill.devc.at/node/165 tutorial: http://kill.devc.at/node/163 tutorial: http://kill.devc.at/node/152 tutorial: http://kill.devc.at/node/145 tutorial: http://kill.devc.at/node/143 tutorial: http://kill.devc.at/node/142 tutorial: http://kill.devc.at/node/139 announcement: http://kill.devc.at/node/217 .

Project Leader

Robert Barta

No contact information available. 


Robert is project leader of Perl XTM Engine (superseeded.. and Perl TM.


Topic Maps Engine

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A Topic Maps engine is a system based on the Topic Map ISO standard exposing a TMAPI compatible interface for running Topic Map applications.


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Topic Maps offers an information architecture for semantic portals with
highly networked content and access paths in support of the associative
human mind. It is our technology of choice for knowledge oriented
application systems.

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