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Project category: Topic Maps Framework
Project status: Productive


Nowadays, data handled by an institution or company is spread out by more than one database and lots of documents of different types. To extract the information implicit in that data, it is necessary to pick parts from those various archives. To obtain a general overview, those information slices should be gather. Different approaches can be followed to achieve that integration, ranging from the merge of resources till the fusion of the extracted parts. Here, we introduce Metamorphosis – a Topic Maps oriented environment to generate conceptual navigators for heterogenous information systems – and we argue that Metamorphosis can be used to achieve, via Topic Maps, the referred interoperability.

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Topic Maps is the only formal semantic model which is optimized for humans, not for computers. Applications and web portals based on Topic Maps are easy to use, without limitations for flexibility and creativity.

Benjamin Bock
Ruby Topic Maps
Topic Maps Lab auf der Cebit 2011

Graduate from the Topic Maps Lab