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Xuân Baldauf

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A case for XTM 3.0

von Rani Pinchuk, Alexander Mikhailian, ...  


Improvements to XTM 2.0 are suggested in this paper. First, a set of criteria is defined for evaluating those improvements. It is followed by the …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2008.

Towards a second generation Topic Maps ...

von Xuân Baldauf und Robert Amor 


The core of the second generation Topic Maps standards (TMDM, XTM2.0) has been finalized, yet the uptake is still slow. In this paper, we highlight …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2008.

A step towards TMDM 3.0

von Benjamin Bock, Robert Barta und Xuân Baldauf, ...  


Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2008.

Dense Topic Map

von Xuân Baldauf 


Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2008.

Topic Maps Marketing Heritage Topic Map

von Xuân Baldauf 


This presentation asks why the Topic Maps Community has a problem finding new members. A possible solution seems to be the analysis of the process …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2008.

Modeling Names

von Xuân Baldauf 


This paper argues that the hierarchy between topic name items and variant items of the TMDM resembles a hierarchy between names and particular …

Modeling Units of Measurement

von Xuân Baldauf 


Units of measurement are used everywhere where quantities are stored, albeit often only implicitly or even tacitly. Current topic maps are no …

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Topic Maps Lab at ISO meeting in Prague

Erstellt von {{by}} am {{at}}.


Benjamin Bock and Hannes Niederhausen from the Topic Maps Lab work on the Topic Maps standards at the Prague ISO meeting.

Themen sind TMCL, TMQL und TMRM, ...


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Topic Maps is an excellent paradigm to support human thinking and to visualize networked information. As part of my PhD project, I therefore chose Topic Maps as the conceptual foundation for designing and implementing a software prototype for semantic knowledge retrieval.

Stefan Smolnik
Topic Maps Lab auf der Cebit 2011

Graduate from the Topic Maps Lab