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From biological data to biological knowledge

by Volker Stümpflen, Richard Gregory, ...  


Large scale biological knowledge still organization remains a challenge in life sciences. Not only because related information is spread across …

Was presented at TMRA 2006.

Datenschätze heben: Systembiologie mit dem ...

by Volker Stümpflen and Benedikt Wachinger 


Im Gegensatz zur durchaus sehr erfolgreichen biologischen Forschung der letzten 30 Jahre, die auf der Betrachtung einzelner oder weniger Gene oder …

Scaling Biomedical Topic Maps to Billions ...

by Benedikt Wachinger and Volker Stümpflen 


In order to understand biological systems generally and multifactorial diseases specifically, it is necessary to be able to create large-scale …

Was presented at TMRA 2010.

Making Sense of Fuzzy Biomedical Knowledge

by Mara Hartsperger and Volker Stümpflen 


Millions of scientific publications still bury high-level knowledge essential for the understanding of complex diseases like Diabetes or Alzheimer. …

Was presented at Practical Semantics ....


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