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Tomáš Kliegr

Author of

Building and Integrating Competitive ...

by Tomáš Kliegr, Jan Nemrava, ...  


Competitive intelligence (CI) supports the decision makers in understanding the competitive environment by means of textual reports prepared based …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Topic Maps for Association Rule Mining

by Tomáš Kliegr and Jan Zemánek 


This paper investigates the possibilities for post-processing results of association rule mining algorithms with topic maps. Converting discovered …

Was presented at TMRA 2009.

Semantic annotation and linking of ...

by Tomáš Kliegr, Jan Nemrava, ...  


Competitive intelligence (CI) is a sub-discipline of business intelligence that supports the decision makers in understanding the competitive …

Semantic analytical reports: A framework ...

by Tomáš Kliegr, Martin Ralbovský, ...  


Intelligent post-processing of data mining results can provide valuable knowledge. In this paper we present the first systematic solution to …

A PHP library for Ontopia-CMS Integration

by Tomáš Kliegr, Jakub Balhar, ...  


This paper presents a library for integrating PHP-based content management systems with remote knowledge bases. The library composes of three …


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