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Since april 2008 Thomas Schwotzer is professor for applied information sciences at the FHTW Berlin. His main research focus are mobile technologies.

Author of

Building Context Aware P2P Systems with the ...

by Thomas Schwotzer 


Shark Framework is framework supporting implementation of context aware P2P systems. Shark is an acronym and stand for Shared Knowledge. There is …

Was presented at TMRA 2008.

Ein Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Management ...

by Thomas Schwotzer 


Diese Arbeit beschä̈ftigt sich mit Wissen und dessen Fluss in Gruppen von Menschen. Wissen ist keine Erfindung der Neuzeit oder gar der …

Replication of Published Subject Indicators ...

by Thomas Schwotzer and Agnes Cebulla 


T. Schwotzer, A. Cebulla: “Replication of Published Subject Indicators as thesaurus by means of LDAP”. In: Proceedings of the International Workshop …

Was presented at TMRA 2005.

Distributed Knowledge Management in the ...

by Lutz Maicher and Thomas Schwotzer 


Distributed Knowledge Management Systems (DKMS) are often faced to heterogeneous environments associated with the absence of shared vocabularies. …

Modelling Distributed Knowledge Management ...

by Thomas Schwotzer 


Topic Maps are a knowledge representation standard. Distributed Knowledge Management describes a knowledge-based organization as network of more or …

Multidimensional Topic Maps - A brief ...

by Thomas Schwotzer 


Topic Maps are means to formalize an ontology. Ontologies are used to describe a domain of discourse. In same cases, a domain comprises facets from …

Shark – a System for Management, ...

by Thomas Schwotzer and Kurt Geihs 


New wireless protocols like W-LAN and Bluetooth allow establishing spontaneous networks and peer-to-peer exchange of information. At the same time …

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is a {{project}}.


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Speaker at

TMRA 2008

Conference in Leipzig from {{start}} to {{end}}


TMRA 2008 will be the fourth event in the annual series of international conferences on Topic Maps Research and Applications. TMRA is the advanced …

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TMRA 2005

Conference in Leipzig from {{start}} to {{end}}


TMRA’05 – International Workshop on Topic Map Research and Applications – provides a forum for community building in the field of Topic Map research …

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