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Sven Krosse

Telefon: +49-341-97-32297
E-Mail: krosse@informatik.uni-leipzig.de

Johannisgasse 26, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

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Sven studierte bis 2007 an der staatlichen Studienakademie Sachsen im Diplomstudiengang, gefolgt von einem Masterstudium an der Universität Leipzig bis 2009. Neben dem Studium arbeitet er als freier Softwareentwickler im Bereich Java und C++, sowie als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter für die Universitat.

Seit Mai 2009 ist Sven Mitarbeiter des Topic Maps Lab and arbeitet an einer Implementierung des aktuellen TMQL Draftes. Er ist Projektleiter und Hauptentwickler der Java-basierten TMQL engine TMQL4J und implementierte verschiedene kleine Hilfsprogramme für die Verwendung von Topic Maps, wie zum Beispiel der auf TMAPIx basierende CTM Exporter.

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Konzeption, Implementierung und Evaluierung ...

von Sven Krosse 


Mit der Entwicklung im Rahmen des Web 2.0. gewann die Datenmodellierungstechnik Topic Maps zunehmend an Bedeutung als Informationsbasis, für …

TMQL4J – javabased TMQL engine

von Sven Krosse 


In the present the technology of topic maps are used within different business sectors and applications. The main problem of such applications is …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2009.

Implementing TMQL for teaching: The ...

von Benjamin Bock und Sven Krosse 


Here are a lot of voices claiming, the current TMQL draft is too hard to understand and to implement. We argue that it is not the content but the …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2009.

Topic Maps run from XML and is coming back ...

von Benjamin Bock, Sven Krosse und Lutz Maicher 


In its history, Topic Maps developed from a syntax-based standard to a pure data model without any syntax defined within its core data model. The …

Spatial Identification of Subjects

von Sven Krosse 


Modeling information resources by using the Topic Maps paradigm has the great benefit that each real world subject has to be represented as exactly …

A Merging Java Topic Maps Engine

von Sven Krosse 


The MaJorToM project was founded with the goal of implementing a light-weight, merging and flexible Topic Maps engine satisfying the different …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2010.

Live Integration Framework

von Christian Haß und Sven Krosse 


In the last years the philosophies of open and linked data became more popular. Unfortunately most application are storing their data within …

Wurde präsentiert auf TMRA 2010.

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Sven Krosse joins the Topic Maps Lab

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Sven Krosse joins the Topic Maps Lab

MaJorToM goes open source

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The MaJorToM engine goes open source. MaJorToM is a lightweight, merging and flexible Topic Maps engine satisfying different business use cases. It …

Thema ist MaJorToM.

Tmql4j Suite 2.6.3 Released

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A new version of the tmql4j engine was released at google code. Since version 2.6.3, tmql4j is no longer a monolithic query engine. The new version …

Thema ist TMQL4J.

TMQL tutorial, part 1

von Sven Krosse


This is the first part of a series of TMQL tutorials.

Themen sind TMQL, TMQL4J und Maiana.

TMQL tutorial, part 2

von Sven Krosse


This is the second part in a series of TMQL tutorials.

Themen sind TMQL, TMQL4J und Maiana.

TMQL tutorial, part 3

von Sven Krosse


This is the third part in a series of TMQL tutorials.

Themen sind TMQL, TMQL4J und Maiana.

TMQL tutorial, part 4

von Sven Krosse


This is the fourth part in a series of TMQL tutorials.

Themen sind TMQL, Maiana und TMQL4J.

TMQL tutorial, part 5

von Sven Krosse


This is the fifth part in a series of TMQL tutorials.

Themen sind TMQL, Maiana und TMQL4J.

TMQL tutorial, part 6

von Sven Krosse


This is the sixth part in a series of TMQL tutorials.

Themen sind TMQL, TMQL4J und Maiana.

TMQL tutorial, part 7

von Sven Krosse


This is the seventh part in a series of TMQL tutorials.

Themen sind TMQL, TMQL4J und Maiana.

TMQL tutorial, part 8

von Sven Krosse


This is the eighth part in a series of TMQL tutorials.

Themen sind TMQL, TMQL4J und Maiana.

Tmql4j Suite 3.0.0 Released

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The new version 3.0.0 of the tmql4j query suite was released at google code. In this version tmql4j is more flexible and powerful to satisfy every …

Themen sind TMQL und TMQL4J.

New MaJorToM Topic Map Store based on redis

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Today we added a new backend to the powerful Topic Maps engine MaJorToM: the Redis Topic Map Store. Redis is an open source, advanced …

Themen sind Topic Maps Engine, ...

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Das Topic Maps Lab im Überblick



Gefördert durch das BMBF haben sich im Topic Maps Lab unter der Leitung von Dr. Lutz Maicher die Universität Leipzig (Prof. Dr. G. Heyer) und die …

Themen sind Michael Prilop, ...

The Topic Maps Lab Team



Phase II of the Topic Maps Lab venture was started in Mai 2009. This is a list of its current and former members.

Themen sind Lutz Maicher, ...

Make your hands dirty with TMQL4J in the ...

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The Topic Maps Lab has implemented the 2008 TMQL draft from Barta and Garshol. To play around with this TMQL proposal we have added it to the …

Themen sind TMQL, Sven Krosse und TMQL4J, ...





The tmql4j engine is the first Java-based engine processing the topic maps query language. The engine is designed as processing chain of independent ...

Zur Homepage von TMQL4J




MaJorToM is more than just a Topic Maps engine, it's a kind of philosophy of designing an independent Topic Maps engine. The MaJorToM API extends ...

Zur Homepage von MaJorToM

Live Integration Framework



The Live Integration Framework uses Topic Maps to provide a subject centric view on data from various heterogeneous data sources.

TM2O - an OData service for topic maps



TM2O exposes Topic Maps data as Odata. The "Open Data Protocol":http://www.odata.org (OData) is a Web protocol for querying (and updating) data that ...

Zur Homepage von TM2O - an OData ...

Spreadsheet Data Connector



The project provides an abstract layer on top of the Apache POI library (which allows to access spreadsheet data). The abstraction layer provides a ...

Zur Homepage von Spreadsheet Data ...

TMQL Canonizer



The TMQL canonizer is a Java server page (JSP) which validates a TMQL query against the 2008, 2010 or 2011 draft of the query language. If the ...

Zur Homepage von TMQL Canonizer





The TMQL query engine for Ruby Topic Maps. See the "TMQL documentation":http://tmql.topicmapslab.de/ for more information about TMQL and TMQL4J.

Zur Homepage von rtm-tmql

CTM writer



This implementation of a CTM Writer provides the core functionality of exporting every topic map to CTM. The main benefits of the CTM writer ...

Zur Homepage von CTM writer

JTM writer



The JTM writer is an open source, Java based deserializer for the JSON topic maps notation. The JTM writer is built into ...

Zur Homepage von JTM writer

MaJorToM Server



Majortom Server is a Spring application which provides a TMQL HTTP interface to query topic maps. The server allows you to easily distribute topic ...

Zur Homepage von MaJorToM Server


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As a former information scientist, I am fascinated since 1999 by the capabilities for building Topic Maps-based knowledge systems having the potential to augment human mind. One can model arbitrary knowledge organization systems, deal with semantic heterogeneity, collocate all facts about one subject in one logical place, and with TMQL have semantic retrieval on federated semantic networks. Therefore I expect bright prospects for business concepts building on the exchange of such knowledge snippets via semantic knowledge services.

Alexander Sigel
Topic Maps Lab auf der Cebit 2011

Graduate from the Topic Maps Lab