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Stian Danenbarger

Author of

The Advantages of Model-driven Search

by Stian Danenbarger 


Search technologies are continually improving, but even so we spend more and more time searching, filtering and interpreting search results than …

Was presented at Topic Maps Norway ....

Content Management på en ny måte

by Stian Danenbarger 


Content Management er idag sentralt i mange virksomheters informasjonsstrategi. De fleste løsningene krever imidlertid at organisasjonen tilpasser …

Was presented at Emnekart 2002.

Emnekart-portaler fra A til Å

by Stian Danenbarger 

  • hoyre.no ved Arnar Lundesgaard, Bouvet AS Ett emnekart – 450 portaler * forbrukerportalen.no ved Sveinung Nedregotten, …

Was presented at Emnekart 2003.

Dynamic PSIs

by Stian Danenbarger 


Was presented at TMRA 2008.


by Stian Danenbarger 


A scoped account after ten years of Topic Mapping.

Was presented at Topic Maps 2010 ....

Project Member of

Zope Topic Maps system (ZTM)

is a {{project}}.


ZTM is an open-source system for maintaining a Topic Maps knowledgebase using well known content management techniques. Click up your ontology in a ...

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Speaker at

Emnekart 2003

Conference at {{start}}


The second Norwegian Topic Maps conference.

Visit homepage of Emnekart 2003

Topic Maps Norway 2009

Conference from {{start}} to {{end}}


This will be the seventh Topic Maps conference in Oslo since 2002, and the conference profile is a bit different from last years international …

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The idea of Topic Maps is essential to enable dynamic information logistic. This requires a system that understands the context of the user to provide relevant informations and options automatically. Therefore semantic analysis is needed organizing content in a dynamic net structure.

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