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Roy Lachica

Author of

Quality, Relevance and Importance in ...

by Roy Lachica, Dino Karabeg, and Sasa Rudan 


We propose a framework for ranking information based on quality, relevance and importance, and argue that a socio-semantic contextual approach that …

Was presented at TMRA 2008.

Towards holistic knowledge creation and ...

by Dino Karabeg and Roy Lachica 


Meta-information development, and more generally the creation and organization of knowledge and insights within and across communities and …

Was presented at TMRA 2007.

Metadata Creation in Socio-semantic Tagging ...

by Dino Karabeg and Roy Lachica 


Fuzzzy.com, a social bookmarking website has been developed to study collaborative creation of semantics. In a shared online space, users of Fuzzzy …

Was presented at TMRA 2007.

Project Leader of

Fuzzzy.com - Web science community

is a {{project}}.


fuzzzy is the social bookmarking and networking site for web science academics, web professionals and web enthusiasts. If you do research and/or ...

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I like the easy but powerful way of merging Topic Maps to extend and combine existing knowledge bases. Thus I see high potential in distributed environments where peer to peer solutions may open the gates to the real Web 3.0.

Marcel Hoyer
Topic Maps Lab auf der Cebit 2011

Graduate from the Topic Maps Lab