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A Case for Polyscopic Structuring of ...

by Dino Karabeg, Tommy W. Nordeng, ...  


We outline the main elements of what we call polyscopic structuring of information and argue that information needs to be structured accordingly. …

Was presented at TMRA 2005.

Flexible and Exploratory Learning by ...

by Dino Karabeg, Rolf Guescini, ...  


Flexible and active education calls for a comprehensive restructuring of the traditional university course format. Such restructuring can be done in …

Topic Maps for polyscopic structuring of ...

by Tommy W. Nordeng, Dino Karabeg, ...  


In this paper, we argue that information overload is caused by fragmented information with no high-level information helping to assemble the …

Improved Findability through Semantic Search

by Eszter Horvati and Rolf Guescini 


Ovitas has developed a solution that improves result relevancy of fulltext search by adding semantics. By making use of a knowledge model that …

Was presented at Topic Maps 2007.


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